There are very strict Federal Laws governing the use of UAV's in Australia.

Below are the answers to the most commonly asked questions in regards to UAV's and our services.

Can UAV's be flown inside?

Yes. Flights can occur indoors and outdoors as long as there is room to manoeuvre safely and keep safe distances from people and infrastructure.

Can UAV's be operated over water?

Yes. Our UAV's can be operated over almost any type of terrain.

Can UAV's be launched and recovered from vehicles or water craft?

Yes. Providing there is sufficient room and safety protocols are met this isn't a problem.

What is the maximum operating range?

Operating VLOS limits the distance of operations. As a guide, distances up to 400m or less are usually within acceptable limits.

Is it possible for the 'Client' be able to see what is being filmed?

Clients are able to view what is being shot from the UAV in real time and depending on which aircraft is used this live feed can be up to 720p (HD).

What licences are required to fly UAV's?

An Operators Certificate issued by CASA is required by the company in charge and a Controllers Certificate is required by the UAV pilot which is relevant to the class of aircraft being flown.

How long can the UAV remain airborne?

Flight times of up to 25 minutes are possible. Factors such as wind, weight of aircraft / payload and flying style may reduce this figure. Realistically, flight times of approximately 18 minutes are the norm.

Other than the UAV pilot, is there a requirement for other personnel?

This is dependant on the job and which aircraft is to be utilized. Most smaller jobs can be conducted by just the PIC. Some jobs require a dedicated camera operator others may also require other ground/safety crew.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, it is a CASA requirement that commercial UAV operators have public liability insurance.

We have a solution for a wide range of applications.

Our remotely piloted aircraft are flown by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) certified pilots.